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Check out the books you are interested in. Each book has a page to skim through it to see if it is something you might like to have and options to order it from Amazon or Blurb. They are printed on demand the minute you order them and shipped straight to your address!

There are two books available. One on Mexican Origins, the other the story of their experiences in Texas and beyond.

The complete story of Kresha origins in Eastern Europe and their spread into America in the 1880's.

Ray & Mary travel a lot and put the photos into photo books. You can thumb through them or buy them!

Find answers to life's most difficult problems by flipping your view of the world - nonduality.

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This is a little prayerbook of litanies for use in your prayer life. Calling on Jesus for help and inspiration can make all the difference! By Andrew Kresha, ordained deacon.

Learning to love your enemies as yourself, especially if they are disgusting is the hardest work you will ever do. Learn some tips from a therapist for forgiving even the hardest people. By Charles Hill, ED.D

A little book of humor that looks at what people wear on their t-shirts. Have a little fun without gawking.