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This is the new and complete story of the Kresha Families in America and their origins Moravia, Czechia. This colorful story is based on the Village of Nova Hradecna's published history, paid research, a personal visit, and ton of research on This keepsake edition will be a resource for geneations to come, so make sure your order yours from, where they are printed on-demand. They are available nowhere else.

This 206 page book is available from in a hardcover version at $30.79, a softcover at $20.79 and a pdf version at $9.99 or click on the book for a free preview! Click on book cover left to go straight to the book page. Tax and shipping is extra.

Imagine hiring an in-country researcher to find your ancestors. Imagine finding the small town and translating their history from the original language. Imagine being on for years, collecting information. Imagine bringing this all together with the original family sourcebook, "Kresha Families in America 1888-1988" and putting the best of it all into one book after visiting Moravia with a guide. This book is the definitive description of the history the family went through, records since about 1620, who they are along with pictures of the original home place. You'll find the stories of the five Kreshas who came to America, and what happened to them, along with detailed family information.