Rocky Creek Publishing

Loving your Disgusting and Obnoxious Enemies is a radical look at traditional Christianity, excoriating those who cannot love their enemies - yet consider themselves Christians.

Dr. Hill, who for many years worked with prisoners, counseling them in an effort to help them find a way to survive in the outside world. Its an issue for counselors working with the dregs of society and for all of us who harbor grudges, even if it only one.

Child abusers and rapists are just like us, in that we are all children of God. God loves all His children, without exception. If we cannot follow his commandment to "Love our neighbors as ourselves," it is hard to call ourselves Christians and really mean. it

Dr. Hill asks us to clean our mental house, finding those ideas and opinions that no longer serve us and prevent us from loving our neighbors, all of them.

The book is available only as a Kindle edition right now for only $4.49.