Rocky Creek Publishing

Take a deep dive into the nondual Reality of Heaven 2.0. This book has been decades in the making and explains how to regain faith and trust in Heaven in a non-religious way.

Most of us get it wrong when we see Heaven through physical human eyes. Expand your view of what is proof and learn the important contributions of atheists and others! This unique metaphysical book covers:

Logical Proof

Experiential Proof

Historical Proof

Answers to Atheists Questions


Heaven 2.0 is the required upgrade to your understanding of Eternal Peace and Love, correcting errors that destroy faith and trust in the Divine. The end result of reading this book? A deep understanding that strengthens the kind of faith that leads to Wisdom and Enlightenment.

Kindle:           $3.99

Paperback:   $16.15

Hardcover:   $34.36