Rocky Creek Publishing

This little book is a look at hundreds of shocking, surprising, and inspirational t-shirts found on America's streets. Written by an expert (I wear t-shirts all the time), this collection includes drinking and fun, politically incorrect, cats and dogs, comments on human relationships and foibles, musicians, nerds, and even some inspirational ones. You will have a little fun seeing the shirts you missed in the catalog, online, and on the street.

Paperback:          $5.99

Kindle Version:    $4.99

On back of book:

This book is a collection of "sayings" seen in public view and for sale. It is fascinating to see the width and breadth of the kinds of things that people are willing to wear in public, a kind of public Walking Graffiti. Many are just plain humorous, while others make sharp points. Some point to pride in their pets or their hobbies, while others are just plain bizarre. In any case, its a quick look into an American Art Form seldom considered art. You be the Judge!